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UK floats set for a century

The annual number of floatations on the LSE is expected to top 100 for the first time since 2014, in a sign that the UK is still attractive to firms despite the Brexit vote. “despite the challenges Brexit presents, London`s highly global, deep and liquid capital markets continue to be the ideal partner for funding the worlds growth” said Nikhil Rathl, a senior executive at LSE – The Times – Daily Mail

UK manufacturing at 30 year high

the CBI`s industrial trends survey has revealed that the UK manufacturing industry has kept order books at a near 30 yesr high thanks to strong demand for motor vehicles and transport equipment. The survey, which includes the views of 371 manufacturers, revealed total order books had a balance of plus 17% with 28% of firms reporting above normal levels.

While firms predict output growth to decelerate over the next quarter, their expectations still had a positive balance of 13%, as 26% belive volumes will rise. Anna Leach, the CBI`s head of economic intelligence, said “while the lower level of sterling supports exporters, cost pressures remain intense. Businessses will expect to see the Governments Industrial Stategy make rapid progress next year to support manufacturing and the wider economy in the UK” – Daily Express- The Independent- The Guardian- The Daily Telegraph

UK unemployment half of Eurozone

The OECDs latest report shows unemployment in the Eurozone is among the highest in the developed world – and more than twice that of the UK

unemployment in the single currency blac is @ 8.8 %  compared to just 4.3 % in the uk  – Daily Mail