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Ford leading Diesel fight back

Ford were the leading manufacturer for Sales of Cars & Commercial Vehicles in February which was their highest February sales since 2004

the Ford Vice President of Europe announced at the Geneva Motor Show, that Ford will continue its Diesel sales push, because its best for CO2, NOx is under control, better economy, cheaper operating costs & by far the most efficient choice

Exports at strongest since 2000

A new report has found that UK exports are at their strongest position since 2000 despite threats posed by Brexit. The value of non-EU export goods increased by 150% with Heathrow holding a 30% share in this cargo. Heathrow`s export climate index tracks factors including the consumer confidence of the UK`s main trade partners by their share of UK exports and effective exchange rate. – City AM

Ford Fiesta tops best selling cars for 2017

Ford Fiesta was the best selling car for 2017 selling over 94,000 – the others in the top Ten were:-

2- VW Golf                 74k

3 – Ford Focus           69k

4 – Nissan Qashqai   64k

5 – Vauxhall Corsa    52k

6 – Vauxhall Astra     49k

7 –  VW Polo               47k

8 – Mini                       47k

9 – Mercedes C Class 45k

10 -Mercedes A Class 43k

London Exports up by 14.1 % in 2017

Latest HMRC figures (published 8th March) show Exports of Goods have risen by 14.1% (£36.2 Billion) in London during 2017 compared to the previous 12 months

the National picture shows that exports of goods from England increased by 11.6% to £244.8 Billion

Exports continue to grow faster than imports with the overall trade deficit narrowing by £12.8 Billion from £41.6bn to £28.8bn